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Direct-from-blood RNA sequencing identifies a pathogen that would not have been identified by other common techniques

Antibiotic resistance is rising at disturbing rates and contributes to the deaths of millions of people yearly. Antibiotic resistant infections disproportionately affect those with immunocompromising conditions...

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Massively multiplex chemical transcriptomics at single-cell resolution

The sci-Plex technique holds promise for cell biology research in cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, prenatal medicine and many other medical and basic science areas. Results from proof-of-concept testing are reported today  in Science...

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Visualize, analyze and manage Seurat and Scanpy single-cell objects in an interactive platform

While single-cell RNA sequencing is a fast-growing technology and helping to resolve tissue heterogeneity and cellular transitional states at high resolution, not all the scientists can explore their data by themselves due to the large data size, on matrices with thousands of cells times thousands of genes, as well as due to the complexity in ...

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Single Cell RNA-Seq Workshop

This is a 4-hour workshop on the techniques, platforms, and methods used in analyzing single cell RNA-Seq data (scRNA-Seq). The morning session (10am - 12pm) starts with a presentation from the Genomics Research Core on best practices...

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Featured Job Listing – Research Assistant – RNA-Seq

Clemson University: College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences: Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences Location – Anderson, SC Open Date – Dec 4, 2019 Deadline...

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Spatially resolved transcriptomics reveals plant host responses to pathogens

Thorough understanding of complex model systems requires the characterisation of processes in different cell types of an organism. This can be achieved with high-throughput spatial transcriptomics at a large scale. However, for plant model systems...

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DIRECT – RNA contact predictions by integrating structural patterns

It is widely believed that tertiary nucleotide-nucleotide interactions are essential in determining RNA structure and function. Currently, direct coupling analysis (DCA) infers nucleotide contacts...

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